Welcome to The Bore

This is a backup forum until someone tells me what the hell is going on. Also, I am broke - if you are kind enough, please volunteer resources for storage and hosting. Thank you.

Discourse is a good choice IMO. It’ll take some slight adjustment but it’s pretty modern while still retaining enough of what made classic forums enjoyable.

Also it has a built in mobile theme so that should make Momo and others happy.

TheBore.com could be back up tomorrow for all we know, but if some kind of change over needs to happen, I currently host another Discourse site for $12/month and wouldn’t mind adding another.


How viable is Discord for a free service? Though obv. we’re all geared towards the forum format on some level, it could work out :man_shrugging:

Brought it up already- there is a Bore discord and people don’t want to use it. Forum format works better for this place anyway.

Yup, I tried switching a forum to Slack which is similar. Didn’t work out and went back to forum software.

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