Status Thread

Working again.

Maybe I spoke too soon. I tried posting and it's just stalling.

im not going back

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It worked, but is very slow.

504 gateway timeouts again, lol.

Time to go back on hiatus.

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Also nabbed all the emotes while the site was up. :+1:

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It's back again.

504s are back so I'm back here, telling everyone about the 504s.

Edit- Back up, but please post 504 reports here as they occur.


The bore is fucking dead!!!!!!!!!!

28 days later :open_mouth:

I didn't even notice

Days without downtime: 55. the bore dot org stays winning.

504 Gateway Time-Out party?

Back up. :open_mouth:

And where did that lead you? Back to me.


It's down
I came here
Hold me, I'm scared

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hey shosta, you still have your naomi woods avatar over here. schweet



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