Thanks for taking the initiative

Hey, thanks for taking the initiative. Anyone know WTF is going on with the other site?


Weird to post here while I’m technically on break on the real forum lmaoooo


Look at me. Look at me. I am the captain now.


Nobody but TVC joined the tapatalk board I spent so much time on :sob:

All of two minutes!

Nothing has been said about all the 504 errors. Dunno what’s up. I assume the real forum will be back up tomorrow.

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Your mod days are over, my plan is complete :sunglasses:

Ewwwww I have to get used to different software. Seriously what’s going on tho?

New forum, still a mod. :sunglasses:


I’m a mod


That’s it, shost and tasty are dead to me

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Suggestion- split the board and create a gaming subforum. Maybe one for politics too.

I don’t want to waste time tweaking the site too much until I know for sure this is our new home. If it is, I’m gonna go nuts with it. But we should also set up some transparent funding etc.

Feeling Crapatalk vibes. :nauseated_face:

I made a quick n' dirty crapatalk forum last night but no1curr so I disabled it. This is nicer than Tapatalk at least.

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It's way better than Tapatalk. Fairly lightweight, responsive, kinda barebones, but has modern stuff like @ mentions and native notifications. Also open source. <3

The biggest change is infinite scrolling but Discourse handles it much better than most sites I've seen.

For the record Discourse was founded by Jeff Atwood, of CodingHorror and StackOverflow fame. I've been following his blog for a decade and I generally agree with his opinions on software, which mattered to me when I chose Discourse for another site. YMMV tho.

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It's better with Glitter. :grimacing:

Just verified: I do have a VB4 and a VB5 Connect license; purchased way back when VBulletin was the leader in forums.. I think they are considered pretty shite now though.