Other Forums Shit Thread [OT] Are we... the other forum?

Continuing core-values and other nonsense here.

era suuuuuuuuuuuuuiucks

Reported this to my local mod captains, chapter #457.

The fact that Fuudo is married to Yuka Kuramochi fills me with happiness but also a deep seated, boiling jealousy.


Yeah, time to find another gravure idol. Yuka has been forever tainted :disappointed:

KetKat finally learned how to DDOS huh?

when I said ketkat was the osama bin laden of forum posters, I was more right than I knew


Does FAKE BORE have a dark theme?

click your avatar to go to your profile -> preferences -> interface

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Cool. I have nothing to contribute. I bought a really sweet Telecaster because I'm cool. Really looking forward to my prescription 2 beers a night.


from r/lasvegas

My Life in Las Vegas

6:30 wake up

6:45 go for a walk and enjoy what you can of the cool air.

7:30 knock on the door of the guy above you to use is cell phone

7:50 Crunch time, start calling (702) 486-0350, on your phone, your obama phone and your neighbors phone, lay each phone side by side, different phones reach busy numbers differently so be aware. each call should not last more than 5 seconds , 4 seconds of you are fast and if you are a pro, 3 seconds is god tier per call.

8:30 at this point you should of made at least 1000 -1100 calls dont worry if you haven't got this good yet, when i was young 4 weeks ago i was only doing 500ish calls at this point. but with time and wisdom you will be able to pump those numbers up.

8:45 the line will still be busy but time is up and your not going to get through, but like everyones mother always says spitters are quitters so keep dialing. At this point i like to have hope so i keep pushing.

9:15 and after about 2000-2500 calls you will get through only to here SORRY OUR QUEUE IS FULL FOR THE DAY (plz call us back tomorrow) sure bud.

Special note*** if you are one of the few or went to the call center and gave the guy a handy in the back parking lot that works there and actually get through you are presented with 3 options to talk to someone option one is 100% useless and can do that online, option 2(aka the only option) and option 3 which states you can talk to someone at DETR. Donald trump says it best.....WRONG. you will just listen to auto msg and it will disconnect. back in my youth 5 weeks ago i made that big mistake. dont let it be yours. option 2 is the only way to go, they will ask you 1 hour of personal automation questions about how large you gape every day after calling, if i were you i would put 6inches diameter even if its 12 because you know , you dont want to seem like a whore. after the long personal auto msg the will ask you for your phone number to call you back , you have 50% change that will even happen. but you know we live in vegas and those are just vegas odds so get use to it.

9:15 -1230 dodge all calls from apartment complex because you haven't be able to play the rent for 2 months, even after you have told them 10 times 6 weeks ago, they still call. Detr needs to hire me or my apartment because we know how to P H O N E. moving on.

1pm eat cup noddles, mon-wed-fri with flavor packet and tues thurs w/o to you know mix it up.

130-5pm go down the street and practice being a hobo, learn how to hold a sign, pretend to not have a leg, find the best spots, look for secret sleep areas, you know the whole 9, this needs to be high on the priority list.

6pm-10pm look for jobs in the area, nope nothing is open and whats open now dont need half of the staff they have. Granted if you have a car or money for the bus you can look for jobs around the valley, but i dont have that option.

10pm-11pm pray to the Detr phone god, tomorrow is the day i will get through , have hope, never give up... REPEAT MON-FRIDAY FOR 2 MONTHS.

Sat and Sunday- detox your ears from the 6+ hours of busy phone beeps.

2nd special note*** sacrificing animals and small children or drinking the blood of the 1 virgin in las vegas DO NOT work and should not be tried but if you have a suggestions plz comment below.

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Good folks have fallen on bad times while the fat cats are distracting us with nonsense. It makes me mad and sad to see what has befallen our country and once I'm President I will show our good people how the awesome might of that office can and will change peoples lives for the better.

Listen, Resetera is the liberal equivalent to Nintex.

no wonder he wanted to force the state to be blind!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: