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Luigis mansion 3 is p dope

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Been enjoying it! Good to see some variety on each floor.

lmao kiddie console lol

With the way censorship has been going lately, PS4 is now the “kiddie console.” :crazy_face:


Good deal on 512 GB micro SD cards:

I need to make a fake filler account to like all the switch posts

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I’m at the very end of Fire Emblem three houses (black eagles run) and imo all the 3DS ones were better.

The school thing kind of loses relevance by the end and is kind of boring. The last 3 or 4 months I just rested every day because I didn’t want to fish and farm or do tea time anymore.

Also the last two missions come out of nowhere.

Like you beat Edelgard and she’s “actually it’s these mole people that are bad. Go kill them” so with no real buildup you kill the mole people. Then after that rhea just turns… bad for the final mission?

The stories have never been amazing, but at least in birthright I was genuinely curious who Chrome was.