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Politico headline: "In New Jersey, a Kennedy’s running against the Democratic machine"


five inches away from totalitarianism :rejoice:

Everything is politics these days man and we shouldn't all be so political. It is divisive and has transferred power to the hands of some really rotten dogs.

Don't worry folks, if you vote for the Democrats down ballot I'm going to burn every bill that those goons have passed over the last four years.

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Trump says he's been taking hydroxychloroquin :dead:

The first I'm gonna do as President is to get me some K9's and sweep the White House for their left overs. The good people of this nation deserve a sober government.

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This is utterly bizarre, Fox News is imploring their viewers not to take it because it could kill them. But they can't straight up say: "Don't listen to the President". Meanwhile his Twitter followers and the Q's are seeing this as proof that this is a real cure because Trump is taking it and he did so secretly to outfox Fauci and the 'deep state'. Normal people are wondering who would prescribe this controlled substance to POTUS (and what else he's taking so casually). Trump must think this stuff grants him immunity against the virus and might end up killing himself.

Personally I hope he dies.

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