Discourse or something else?

  • I like Discourse
  • Discourse sucks, but I can live with it
  • Let's try something else (post your suggestion below)
  • Let's lobby cerium to let us post on Resetera

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Discord sucks

We could be discord refugees! You can be a community resettler! And later talk about how stressful it was!

Fuck both of you

Can this be changed to allow things like post quoting? Also this shit about “this is not a complete sentence” and “this needs to be more than 20 characters before you can post” sucks.

Highlight the text you want to quote to block quote

Changed the second one—not sure about the first but this stuff is all configurable. Tasty and I can even hack on the framework if we need to.

I’m not really familiar with the forum world… we could use Xenforo. But it would be kind of gay if we used the same forum software as GAF and RE

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This shit is weird, and I’m kinda miffed about using a mobile version, but I could get used to it.

Can you change it so it appends the top result of an image search for some kind of hash of the page at the top of each new page?

Our Bore sponsors are always accommodated, if you know what I mean.

I have like… unlimited bandwidth / space hosting w/ free domain registrations… and I think I have an unused Vbulletin 5 license somewhere.

But I have little motivation to actually set anything up lol


Huge dong alert :rotating_light:

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I’d be more than happy to handle ops

Does anyone know what the deal is with TheBore.com? Is it Demi who owns it / fixes it when it’s down?

Discord =/= Discourse

Discourse’s worst parts are its dumb defaults. Most of the more annoying behavior can be changed.


He’s saying we should post on Slaent


Man. If old Bore never comes back...most of those emoticons are gone for good. :sob:

Demi is the admin and owner AFAIK, yeah.

Demi took over after Willco abandoned it. Dunno what's causing the downtime, demi hasn't really said.

Best case scenario if he's over hosting it (don't blame him) he'd be willing to transfer the DB/domain to someone who is. Re-creating the site as something else is cool too but you'd lose a lot of people and of course the content.