Bored in my basement maybe play a game sometime?

Hey folks, so I'm still in my basement campaigning and I like to read a book and exercise from time to time but it would nice to shake things up a little.I occasionally play sports and games with my kids and grand kids. But most recently I think back about Barack playing the PlayStation with his daughters when they had to stay inside for emergencies.

Now I know there's violent stuff out there and I read there's the games that you play with more than a 100 people at once but how do you keep score with so many players?

What sort of easy and fun games would you recommend for a player who has been out of the game for a while?

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I wouldn't play solitaire you'd forget what cards are in the pack before you know it.
Maybe play minesweeper and pretend the mines are allegations

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That's good advice dog face. I like your style

We've actually hooked up the PlayStation and we are playing Madden and some car and jumping games. The cars are almost the real thing. It's kinda weird the Madden game keeps asking us to spend money, are more games like this? Feels like I'm dealing with freshman Democrats

EA games are the Bernie of the industry, have terrible micro transactions for no real winning content.

  • battlefield Bernie
    -battlefront Bernie
  • FIFA ultimate Bernie
    -Madden Ultimate Bernie
    -Plants vs Zom(Bernies)
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Good point my man

That's why I'm not asking folks to donate their last paycheck or student allowance but instead I ask the fat cats to do the right thing and chip in for Joe to make the world a better and kinder place.

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